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Apple MR2A2ZM/A Original Power Adapter Charger Type c 30W Τροφοδοτικό Πρίζας A1882

Apple MR2A2ZM/A Original Power Adapter Charger Type c 30W Τροφοδοτικό Πρίζας A1882
Apple MR2A2ZM/A Original Power Adapter Charger Type c 30W Τροφοδοτικό Πρίζας A1882

Apple Γνήσιος Φορτιστής MACBOOK USB-C 30W MR2A2ZM/A A1882 - Λευκός . 

Το Τροφοδοτικό USB-C 29W Της Apple Εξασφαλίζει Γρήγορη Και Αποτελεσματική Φόρτιση Στο Σπίτι, Στο Γραφείο Ή Στις Μετακινήσεις Σου. 

Αυτός Ο Προσαρμογέας Είναι Συμβατός Με MacBook 12" Που Διαθέτει Θύρα USB-C Και Χρειάζεται Καλώδιο Φόρτισης USB-C (Πωλείται Ξεχωριστά).  

The Apple 30W USB‑C Power Adapter Offers Fast, Efficient Charging At Home, In The Office, Or On The Go. While The Power Adapter Is Compatible With Any USB‑C–Enabled Device, Apple Recommends Pairing It With The 12-Inch MacBook Or The 13-Inch MacBook Air With Retina Display For Optimal Charging Performance. You Can Also Pair It With Select IPhone And IPad Pro Models To Take Advantage Of The Fast-Charging Feature. You Can Also Pair It With IPhone 8 Or Later To Take Advantage Of The Fast-Charging Feature.  

Charging Cable Sold Separately.  

While This Year’s WWDC Didn't Bring Any Major New Hardware, Apple Did Quietly Replace Its 29W USB-C Power Adapter With A New 30W Unit. Now Some People Are Puzzled By This Move (“30W Is Just 1W More Than 29W, No?”), So I’m Going To Take The Opportunity Here To Summarize The Key Changes.  

In A Nutshell, The New 30W USB-C Adapter Will Play Nice With More USB-C Devices That Support USB Power Delivery Thanks To Support For More USB PD Power Rules:  

A Closer Fit To The USB PD Spec Aside, Arguably The Biggest Consumer Benefit Here Is The Addition Of The 9V Power Rule, Which Means USB PD Devices That Charge Over 9V Can Now Use This Adapter. (Yes, The 20V Rule Is New Too And Gives More Voltage Choices To Compatible Devices, But It’s Not As Big A Deal To Me Since The Maximum Output Of The Adapter Is Still Capped At 30W.) 

If You’re All-In On Apple Hardware And Already Have The Old 29W Adapter, There’s No Need To Replace It With The New Model. The 12-Inch MacBook, The 2017 IPhones, The IPad Pro 12.9-Inch (Both 1st And 2nd Gen), And The IPad Pro 10.5-Inch Will Continue To Fast-Charge With Either Adapter; The Only Difference Is That Some Devices (E.G., IPhone 8) Will Now Charge At 9V With The New Adapter.  

Apple Power Adapter 29W - Power Supply With 29W Power Dedicated To MacBook 12 Inches With Thunderbold 3 Type-C Port. Equipped With A New Generation Type-C USB Connector, It Provides Very Fast Charging Of The Device. Thanks To Its Compact Dimensions It Is Ideal For Carrying When Traveling In A Backpack, Bag Or Even In A Trouser Pocket.  

Apple Apple Usb-C 30W : The AC Adapter Usb-C 30W Power Adapter Makes Refills Quick And Easy To Use At Home, At Work, Or At Travel. This Adapter Is Compatible With Mobile Phones MacBook With Usb-C USB Plug And Requires A Usb-C Charging Cable (Sold Separately).  

Using The Power Adapter, You Can Charge The Computer When It Is Turned On, Turned Off Or In Sleep State. It Also Supplies The Device When Running Without Batteries.  

The Product Is 100% Original, Made By Foxconn For Apple And Has An Individual Serial Number And The Corresponding Charger Designation. Only Foxconn Manufactures Genuine Accessories That Provide Complete Compatibility With Apple Brand Products. 


  •  100% Original 
  •  Precisely Made 
  •  Compact 
  •  Has A USB Type-C Connector 
  •  Ergonomic And Innovative 
  •  Packed In The Original Blister  


  • 1x Apple Power Adapter 30W Adapter 

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