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Premium PET-G Filament 1.75 Black - Torwell 1Kg

Premium PET-G Filament 1.75 Black - Torwell 1Kg
Premium PET-G Filament 1.75 Black - Torwell 1Kg
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Our Premium PET-G filament, like all our others is of the highest quality. This filament stands apart from others in terms of its applications.

Got an outdoor project or a project that requires resistance to moisture? PETG is the go to option here. PET-G is a common synthetic material that will be in your household, Fizzy drinks bottles, squash bottles, washing up liquid bottles, the list goes on.

Because of its special properties, PET-G is hydrophobic which means it is naturally resistant to moisture making it ideal for all applications or projects that will be out in the open.

PET-G has similar properties to both PLA and ABS. Its easy to print like PLA but has higher strength like ABS making it ideal for snap fit or mechanical parts.

We strongly recommend printing on a Glass bed with 3DLAC for the best results possible.

Χαρακτηριστικά Νήματος
Βάρος1 KG
Θερμοκρασία Εκτύπωσης220 - 260°C
Προτεινόμενη Θερμοκρασία240°C
Θερμοκρασία Βάσης - Bed60-80°C

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