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Motherboard QDI Superb 4FX-6AL DDR1 (Intel 478 Socket) Μητρική Πλακέτα

Motherboard QDI Superb 4FX-6AL DDR1 (Intel 478 Socket) Μητρική Πλακέτα
Motherboard QDI Superb 4FX-6AL DDR1 (Intel 478 Socket) Μητρική Πλακέτα
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1 SPDIF port on a bracket

1 RJ45 LAN port

IrDA header on the motherboard supports up to 115.2Kb/s transfer rate

All I/O ports can be enabled/disabled by BIOS setup

Power Management:

CPU temperature, System temperature, CPU fan speed, Chassis fan speed, System Voltages

ACPI v1.0 and APM Compliant

Support S0,S1,S3,S5 ACPI power status

Support suspend To RAM


Licensed advanced AWARD ( Phoenix ) BIOS

Support Plug and Play

Support ACPI and OS directed power management  

Advanced Features:

Wakeup on LAN

Wake up on Modem

Trend ChipAway Virus on Guard

Norton AntiVirus 2003

Support SpeedEasy, BIOS-ProtectEasy

Motherboard Specifications


QDI Superb 4FX-6AL

Processor Support:

Supports Pentium 4 Socket 478 (Williamette and Northwood ) from 1.4GHz   to 3.06GHz

Supports Intel Celeron socket 478 from 1.6 to 2.4 GHz


North Bridge: SiS 648FX

South Bridge: SiS 963/963L

I/O Controller: ITE 8705

SATA Controller: SiS 180


 400/533/800 MHz FSB


3 184-pin DIMM Sockets

Support DDR 333/400

Support up to 3GB memory

Note: PC2100/PC1600 up to 3 DIMMs; PC3200/PC2700 up to 2 DIMMs; 1GB PC3200/2700 with 32 DDR chips up to 1 DIMM only

Expansion Slots:

5 PCI    

1 AGP Provides AGP 8X interface - Transfer rate up to 2.1GB/S

On-Board Audio:

6 Channel Audio System

AC97 2.2 specification compliant

Provides Front left and right, Rear Left and right, Line-in Jack and Center and Woofer, Microphone-in Jack, which can be specified by software

5.1 channels output


 Realtek 8201BL 10/100M LAN

Storage System:

Two PCI Master IDE ports support up to 4 IDE devices

Support ATA 66/100/133

One Floppy port support up to two 3.5' or 5.25' floppy drives   (360K/720K/1.2M/1.44M/2.88M)

Support LS-120 floppy disk drive and ZIP drive

Support Boot from USB devices

Form Factor:

 ATX: 12" x 8.5"


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