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The game begins in the year 1982 in a cave in Uganda, where Samson Rainsford (the protagonist's father), Mbeki's friend, and their guide, Mbeki, are hunting a creature called and referred to as the "Kaftar" (which the locals think is a demon that can only be destroyed by fire, whereas the player's troops think it's a spotted hyena that is slaughtering thousands of people). The player sees cave paintings that look like hyenas and they hear hyena-like laughter. Samson turns off the lights and turns them back on, and both he and Mbeki's friend are attacked by the Kaftar. Mbeki shoots it, but the bullet takes no effect. The player sees the creature attacking Samson and makes a run for the exit but the Kaftar stops him and strikes Mbeki's friend, killing him. The game shifts to 2001 in Cole Rainsford's (the player character) homeland in Alaska in winter as a beginner hunter. After Cole takes down an elk, Samson is attacked by a cougar, and Cole shoots it, saving him and it runs off. After tracking down and killing the cougar, the Rainsfords find a campsite that looks like it has been ransacked, and it's clear that a grizzly bear was there. As the family tracks the bear, an avalanche separates Cole from Samson and Adrian who is Cole's brother. He survives the avalanche and continues to track down the bear, fighting wolves and cougars, and dodging beartraps. Then, Cole fights the grizzly bear and kills it. Adrian shows up and compliments him when he and Cole suddenly hear a strange whistling sound. A pack of black wolves with glowing red eyes burst out of nowhere and attack Cole and Adrian. Adrian is mauled to death and dragged away by the wolves as Cole watches helplessly.

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Ετικέτες:cabela, dangerous, hunts, 2011, (ps3)